Aiming to create a new approach and a different attitude in the advertising industry, Sorooshsima advertising agency was born in 2007. When we began working with IRIB (Seda va- Sima) we succeeded in producing successful works which brought about a strong collaboration with many leading brands in our country. Having entered the peripheral advertising world in 2015 and designing and implementing successful campaigns in this field, we were able to introduce our products and services to our customers more than before. At the same time by solidifying the digital marketing unit and effective undertakings in this field, we have also had a strong presence and by fulfilling our successful campaigns have kept our customers satisfied. By upgrading to a company in the year 2016, the barriers to develop the company’s infrastructure became smoother, so today we could proudly collaborate with more than 100 different Iranian and foreign brands, by taking steady and firms steps in line with joining the biggest advertising agencies in Iran., signing international contracts with some of the world’s leading brands was among our honors, Since its inception and receiving its certification and signing a collaboration contract with large press outlets, direct collaboration with IRIB (Seda va Sima), ranked number 5 among advertising companies in 2014, rank 2 with three stars in 2015 and 2016 from IRIB, work closely with beautification organization of Tehran to provide whole range of services from consulting to implementation in the country’s existing platforms.

By utilizing professional and creative teams and using the latest marketing and advertising tools, it also brings the most effective services to brand owners.

In the course of its activities, Sorooshsima has received several advertising golden phoenix from the National festival of advertising in 2014 to 2017. It has also carried out major promotional campaigns, has produced teasers for the largest public and private companies in Iran and several international companies overseas.