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Personal Branding Hello Sorooshsima Podcast listeners. In the past podcast and articles, we have prepared some branding material for you. But these people can also have a personal brand. How is your brand? Personal branding is the process of analyzing and building a mental image of the outside world. it is a trend used today to intelligently differentiate in a competitive market. Like the principals of product branding, person branding is also very important, and a person become a brand with his or her expertise by branding and improve his standing among friends and colleagues. Personal branding was first introduced in Think and

Brand Loyalty   Hi Sorooshsima Podcast listeners We all deal with words like loyalty and support and their meaning in our daily lives. But can we be loyal to a brand? What exactly does brand loyalty mean? Loyalty is a positive term. In the Oxford Dictionary, loyalism means being loyal to a person or thing and the word loyal means the steady firm support of an entity, business or other person. Richard Oliver’s definition of customer loyalty is a strong commitment by a customer to repurchase of a product or superior service in the future, even with other competitors. In the last decade, attention to brand

Increased Customer Satisfaction with the Kano Model   Hi Sorooshsima Podcast Listeners; It must have happened for you to buy a product because of its glaze and full color ads, and then regret it very much after a few days, because what you had imagined was very different from the product you bought. Now, as a dissatisfied customer, you are not only not going back to that product, but you are also advising others not to be fooled by the advertising and to avoid buying that product. If you are a business owner, you should always remember that the customer’s satisfaction is everything! And

What is a mass market?   What are its features? Can we use this marketing approach to grow our business? Mass in English means pile, bulk or lump, perhaps we can introduce mass market as a bulk market, and so it seems this to be the correct definition of mass marketing: a method of marketing that meets the needs of a broad population without focusing on their distinctive features. The mass market refers to a broad market of non-desirable customers with diverse backgrounds. The products or services that every member of society demands are entrenched in the concepts of mass marketing. Products like

4p and marketing mix   Most businesses know marketing as advertising to attract customers, but marketing is really a concept that covers all aspects of business. In this podcast, we are going to introduce you to the concept of marketing mix. This types of marketing helps get to know and manage your business and ultimately will lead to more sales and profit. But contrary to the meaning, marketing mix is not a strange or complex, and without knowing the concept at all, businesses deal with it. For example, one of the most important issues that almost all business have to decide on