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Author: سروش سیما

Billboard Design Principles  Billboard is derived from the two words, Billing and Board, which mean making money through boards. In fact, this is what is called advertising. In fact, billboards are known as environmental advertising. Billboards are big advertising boards that you pass on the streets and highways every day. What attracts the motorists and pedestrians is not their overwhelming size. The main reason for the effect of billboards is the content of their advertising message and their design. Considering the high cost of advertising on billboards compared to other marketing and advertising methods, attention to design and ideas on them is

Marketing campaign marketing campaign is a term used by most marketers and business owners. The word campaign is defined as a set of endless operations designed to achieve specific goals. Marketing campaigns increase the client’s awareness of the product or services through various media outlets such as television, radio, print advertising, pay per click and social media. They (marketing campaigns) reach out to customers in a variety of ways and do not rely solely on advertising, and may also use other features like demonstration and display, recommendation advertising and interactive techniques. Great marketing campaigns follow a consistent theme. For example, when we see only

Emotional Marketing How do brands effect our emotions?Many of us think that when we decide to buy a product, we are making a logical decision. But in fact, in many cases, it is based on emotions. In fact, if we are to look at the issue realistically, the reason for the popularity or selection of a particular product is the cost and time the brand has spent on its advertising to attract customers’ emotions. Many advertising experts have realized that this advertising method which is called emotional advertising is used to influence customers as advertising strategy. Many of the advertisements that

Niche Marketing in Advertising Hi Sorooshsima Podcast listeners, we are gonna present an educational podcast today. You may have heard the idiom, “niche marketing”. You should know niche marketing which is also called the same in the market in Iran, is a small part of marketing that focuses on a special part of the market. This part of marketing is for small business that want to introduce their products at an economical price and compete with the big guys.Sometimes, newcomers use niche marketing to enter the marketing arena. But sometime, high-income corporations are also looking for niche marketing. If we want to