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Success and advertising methods of Coca Cola

Coca Cola is almost the first brand in the true sense of the world and is considered to be the most popular and well-known brand in the world as well as the world’s most popular beverage, and the brand’s intriguing and creative ads have made a great difference in this popularity. Actually Coca Cola had very modest and ordinary start, in fact a pharmacist named John Pamberton invented Coca Cola. In 1886, in the backyard of his home, he was testing a combination of different materials in tripod brass pans to make a new drink. He got a caramel color, fragrant and aromatic liquid and out of curiosity took it to a pharmacy and there added some carbonated water to it. After it was tested by several customers who thought they were testing a special beverage, the pharmacy sold it as drug for 5 cents each. Pamberton claimed that new drink would cure diseases such as morphine addiction, indigestion and weakness in the nerves, headaches and even male sexual dysfunction. In the first year, Pamberton sold only nine glasses of Coca Cola every day, earning $50.00 while preparing and advertising the drink cost him $70.00, so he suffered losses in the first year, but did not stop trying and with the passing of time, increase in popularity of this type of drink among people encouraged him to continue trying and convinced him that one day through this work, he could a great job. Unfortunately, Pamberton passed away in 1888 and could never witness the ever increasing popularity and development of his product. However, the company’s development did not stop and a businessman from Atlanta named Asa Griggs Candler purchased the drink’s rights for $23, 00.00 and made Coca Cola famous and popular.

Candler had a lot of dreams for Coca Cola. He wanted to turn his product from a simple drink to a gigantic business. Candler assumed control of the company’s affairs and the following year, he increased the sale of Coca Cola syrup ten times. In 1982, the company was formed as a legal entity and Coca Cola Company was officially registered.

Coca Cola Advertising

The success of Coca Cola’s brand should be pursued in its effective history from the beginning to now. Perhaps their advertising trend in different year could guide companies that want to increase their market share. Using modern promotional techniques, they have launched massive marketing activities, and for the Coca Cola to become a household name, they have distributed free Coca Cola coupons to newspaper and gave syrup to pharmacies, provided they would give it free to people who had coupons. Also, he would his syrup to pharmacies and … who had engraved the Coca Cola Trademark on their stores and the result of this powerful and effective business approach that almost everyone like was amazing, and Coca Cola’s sales rose until 1895, only four year later, demand rose so high that he decided to build syrup factories in Chicago and Los Angeles and announced to his shareholders that Coca Cola is now consumed in all states and regions in the United States. Today supplying a product in the international market has become so easier than before that sometimes it is forgotten what a great achievement this is while then it took several days to travel to different part of the country, the more interesting point was that when there was no radio or television, Coca Cola was able to quickly reach all parts of the country and be exposed and sold.

Coca Cola Packaging

Until 1894, Coca Cola was sold in glasses until a Mississippi businessman named Joseph Biedenharn poured Coca Cola into a bottle in his factory and sent a dozen of his bottles to Candler, but Candler did not like the result and returned them quickly.  In 1899, once again two attorneys from Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee, Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B> Whitehead asked Candler for exclusive licensing for bottling and selling beverages throughout the United States and offered to sell every bottle of Coca Cola for $1.00, but once again Candler refused to make the significant progress. Today, Coca-Cola provides its enriched drink to customers around the world, and some of these customers have restaurants and just like the pharmacies that used to sell these drink, provide them, while other customers are bottling companies that add carbonated water to the drink and pour it into bottles for sales in stores. Thomas and whitehead began their work by opening bottling shops, but soon discovered that there were better and faster ways to supply Coca-Cola around the country. In this regard, they partnered with someone and the three of them divided the country into three regions and began selling bottling privileges to local units. This move actually reduced the amount of capital they needed, because every local investor used his own money to develop his work. On the other hand, he used the local knowledge and commitment to business from them, which was difficult to attain in other ways. With this approach, the first Coca-Cola bottler began its work in 1900, and by 1909, four hundred Coca-Cola bottling plant were operating in the country.

Since 1929, Coca-Cola used to be sold in mobile stores as well, and since 1930, it has used radio as an advertising tool. Among the company’s sales promotion measures implemented since 1935, women were recruited to reach 125 times for house to house sales. Based on a marketing plan to attract kids around the world, Santa Claus began to work on the famous Coca-Cola during Christmas.

In the end, Coca-Cola was able to find its place in the international market and for a while even be seen as a sign of unification and unity. Among the international successes of Coca-Cola was that in 1978, the People’s Republic of China announced that Coca-Cola is the only company allowed to sell cold-packed beverages in China.

IN 1981, Roberto C. Goizueta was appointed chairman of the board. While Pepsi Co. the spirited Coca-Cola rival had entered its own diet drink in 1963 and was met with great and unprecedented welcome, within two years, Coca-Cola diet drink was the best in the world.

Coca-Cola’s Risk

In 1985, Goizueta took the biggest risk of his life. He introduced Coca-Cola with a whole new and different taste. Coke’s share of the non-alcoholic beverage had reached less than 24 percent in 1983, and the main reason for this decline was Coca-Cola’s new competitor, Pepsi.

Pepsi had urged people on the street to close their eyes and taste different drinks and express their opinions, thereby challenging the success of Coca-Cola. In this survey, most people preferred Pepsi’s sweet taste, which meant Pepsi’s sales in the supermarkets was more than Coca-Cola, therefore Pepsi beat Coca-Cola. The return of the original Coca-Cola was of such great importance that ABC’s news broadcaster cut off his program and announced this important news to the viewers and even the US senator saw the return of original Coca-Cola to be a momentous moment in the history of the United States. In the early 1990’s, 90 companies invested heavily in bottling factories in Eastern Europe. During the 1990’s, Coke had a great presence in the sports and sports fields. In 1993, an incredibly appealing message with the ever-famous Coca-Cola slogan was presented and in 1997, with the continuing growth of the company, the daily sales of products reach a $billion. One of the last countries to use Coca-Cola was India. According to the Indian Constitution, companies that did not know the information on how to produce their products as well their commercial information were not allowed to work. While Coca-Cola was not willing to reveal its secrets to protect its formula, however, in 199, India changed this law in the famous brands, and this way Coca-Cola was able to enter the Indian Market.

15 Interesting Points about Coca-Cola

  • The name of Coca-Cola came to life by Pamberton’s clerk, <<Mr. Frank Robinson>>. Mr. Robinson was skilled with pens and it was him that drew Coca Cola’s design, which later became the logo and the same logo is still being used in advertising.
  • The first Coca-Cola advertisement was really interesting: Coca-Cola introduced itself as a sedative or nerve enhancer that could eliminate fatigue.
  • The first Coca-Cola product contained cocaine. But its cocaine was only 9 milligrams per cup. At the time, the drink attracted customers as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.
  • 57 billion types of beverages are consumed per day in the world. In this regard, more than 3 percent of this amount (1.9 billion) is produced under the license of Coca-Cola, therefore, this brand has the highest production on the planet.
  • Coca-Cola is not sold only in two countries: Cuba and North Korea
  • The products produced by Coca-Cola are so wide-ranging that if you want to try all of its products, you have use it every day for nine years.
  • If we pour all the droplets produced by Coca-Cola factory into eight ounce bottles and sit them in a line, we can go to the moon and back 20 times.
  • The Brand Coca-Cola itself owns 20 other brands, each of which has more than $1 billion in revenue.
  • The Coca-Cola Brand is valued at $83.9 Billion.
  • Coca-Cola Company claims that after the word “OK”, the name of the company is the second most widely understood word.
  • The largest consumer of Coca-Cola products is Mexico. Each Mexican consumes an average of 745 Cokes per year.
  • Coca-Cola Company claims that the first time, it has introduced the concept of a “Coupon”.
  • The image Christian have from Santa Clause, is due to Coca-Cola advertising. Since 1920’s, this company started its Christmas ads to control the winter market.
  • The first beverage that went into space was Coca-Cola.
  • Coca-Cola says the best temperature for consuming its products are between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (1 to 3 Celsius).