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Sorooshsima Podcast #15

Marketing campaign

marketing campaign is a term used by most marketers and business owners.

The word campaign is defined as a set of endless operations designed to achieve specific goals.

Marketing campaigns increase the client’s awareness of the product or services through various media outlets such as television, radio, print advertising, pay per click and social media. They (marketing campaigns) reach out to customers in a variety of ways and do not rely solely on advertising, and may also use other features like demonstration and display, recommendation advertising and interactive techniques.

Great marketing campaigns follow a consistent theme. For example, when we see only one ad from Nike, we don’t see it as part of a Nike marketing campaign. But when we see Nike on a billboard on the highway, see posts on Instagram that support Nike and receive emails from Nike at the same time and find out they all promote similar products, we are definitely witnessing a marketing campaign.

Planning for a marketing campaign

Planning for a marketing campaign is a crucial step that impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign. Planning a campaign is as important as designing creative items.

Marketing campaigns are designed with different goals in the mind of marketers. This goal could be to introduce a product, increase the sales of a product already on the market, or even reduce the impact the negative news. By definition, to run a successful marketing campaign, careful research is done, it’s thought about and focus on the details of implementation. Planning for a marketing campaign begins with understanding your market position.

Please note that no program can predict accurately and completely. Therefore, your plan has to be flexible. It is best to consider making changes during the implementation of your plan from the beginning.

The purpose of launching a marketing campaign

First we have to answer why we are looking to launch a marketing campaign?

The purpose of launching a campaign can be revenue, raising brand awareness, promoting a new product or service

The overall goals of a marketing campaign is access to a customer and there are many ways to accomplish this, for example a simple postcard to social media activity. In small campaigns, email marketing may be used to alert customers, however, larger companies use paid advertising and professional advertising companies to reach more audiences.



Difference between a marketing campaign and advertising campaign

An advertising campaign is a subset of marketing campaign.

Advertising is the act in which a business manager presents and shows his/her product or service at a cost by himself or an advertising agency.

Marketing involves activities that are designed to train and build an inner sense in clients, to use your products and benefit from your services so the client choose you from your competitors. Part of these activities include identifying the target market, needs, and the tastes of the customers, providing support and services to maximize customer satisfaction, all of which will bring the customer back to repeat his/her purchase.

Advertising campaign involves using an advertising strategy and choosing the right media to deliver the message, then make an advertising process to introduce the product and encourage and persuade customers to buy the product.

Based on the company’s circumstance such as monetary, product competitive advantages, popularity of the brand, the advertising campaign is tailor made and handed to clients to maximize the satisfaction of the product in a way that by showing it a few times, the client subconsciously decides to try the product.

In advertising campaigns media is used to boost the sales and introduce the product, but the marketing campaign is created by a strategy campaign so not only the client is made aware of the brand the company products, he/she is also encouraged to purchase and use these products.

An advertising campaign is meaning less without marketing, in fact it cannot succeed unless it set up for the right marketing plan. Most cost incurred in marketing campaigns is related to advertising campaigns. Therefore, when the business owner is supposed to fork over a lot of money, it is better to do a thorough planning to measure the advertising feedback.

Advertising represents a small part of your business and only introduces one or more products. But marketing is attempting to portray the true face of the company and satisfy the customer.


Marketing design Campaign

The principals for designing marketing campaigns for different brands is not the same, because each company designs the campaign according to its conditions, position, budget, goals and resources. All campaigns have principals and components, and based on these principals, a campaign is designed.

  1. Considering the position of the company
  2. Review the outcomes of previous works
  3. Determine company strategies
  4. Specifying the details of the marketing campaign
  5. Determine and review costs


Campaign principals

Use of social events: the easiest way to talk to your clients about your business is to use your specialty in specific situations.

Increasing clients: one method of marketing is to increase your customers, to do this, you have to ask your current customers to come back, show them what type of interaction you are after and looking for.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, to better understand what the customer wants, try to enhance your relationship with them.

Give your products to people for free. If people try your product and are happy with it, they are likely to try it again in the near future.


Evaluation of a Marketing Campaign

After design and running the campaign, you have to compare the final result with what you had set at the planning stage. Analyzing campaign results could give you a realistic idea of customers and market conditions. Also, this way, you better understand how to plan and implement your next marketing campaign.