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Success Story Mukesh Ambani

The success story of Mukesh Ambani is nothing but fulfillment of a dream.

Mukesh Ambani, the Indian entrepreneur and investor was born in Yemen in 1957. By building reliance Textile Company in 1996, His father, Dhirubhai Ambani founded Reliance Industry in 1966 and began his business in Yemen. He expanded his business by building knitting industries in India In 1997.

Mukesh studied chemistry in Mumbai and attended University of Stanford to obtain his Masters of Business Administration, but, at 24, he dropped out and returned Mumbai.

Using his chemistry background, Mukesh was able to expand his production from textile to polyether and petrochemical products.

And raise the company’s production from a half ton to 12 million tons.

After a while, Mukesh managed to build the largest telecom company in India called Reliance, which is the first 4G Network in India. Jio is one of the most comprehensive wireless broadband networks in the world. Free internal calls, inexpensive data and smart phones have made Reliance an important communications company.

After that he built reliance retail and continued with Jame-Negar Refinery at Gujarat which is known as the largest private refinery which in addition to petroleum products, produces petrochemical products.

Today Reliance industries are operating in countless sectors of the Indian economy, including refinement, oil and gas, petrochemicals, telecommunications, retail and media.

With his know how and strategy, Mukesh made radical changes in Reliance and increased the production capacity by 24 times, generating about 60 new petrochemicals today. As a successful manager, Mukesh has been able to use his expertise to expand his business.

Currently, Mukesh is the chairman of the board of directors of Reliance industries with a fortune of about $40b, owns 42% of the company’s shares, and is known as the second wealthiest man in Asia and the nineteenth in the world. According to Bloomberg’s billionaire index, Mr. Ambani’s wealth has risen to $44.3b. His wealth is mainly from Reliance Industries, second largest company in India with assets worth more than $100b.

After his father’s death in 2002, Mukesh Ambani took control and supervision of refining, petrochemicals, oil and gas and textile operations, in fact Mukesh assumed the management of the new sectors and took his textile roots to new arenas. Anil, Mukesh’s younger brother, took over construction, telecommunications, asset management, the entertainment business and power generation.

What happened to Anil Ambani?

His wealth was declining and had become powerless against debt and market competition. This year, by accepting to acquire Reliance communications, Mukesh Ambani has assumed more of his brother’s assets.

CNBC has reported that this company intends to launch an electronic business platform similar to Alibaba that allows small grocery stores to sell foodstuff online. This company will be competing with Amazon, Walmart Inc. (WMT), and Flipkart.

Currently, Reliance pays the highest taxes in India’s private sector, and accounts for More than 5% of India’s revenues and about 8% of India’s total exports.

In 2004, a year after his father’s death, Mukesh won the world communications award and received the Best entrepreneur in 2010.

After marrying Nita Ambani, he had three children. With Mukesh’s help, Nita was able to establish and manage the largest private charity in India.

Currently, Mukesh and his family live in a 27 story called Antilia tower in Bombay which is the most expensive house after Buckingham Palace.

Reliance subsidiaries company, all of which are licensed under “Reliance Industries Limited are:

Reliance Retail

This is the largest retailer store in India, which include brands like: Reliance Fresh, Reliance Time out, Reliance Wellness, Reliance AutoZone, Reliance Footprint, Reliance Mart, Reliance Home Kitchens, Reliance Digital and Reliance Jewel.

Reliance Life Sciences

This company operates in the fields of medicine, industrial and plant biotechnology. Special sections of this department include, production, drugs, bio drugs, bio fuels, clinical research services, industrial and bio plant technologies, regenerative drugs and new therapies.

Reliance Logistics

This is a single window company that is involved in selling, distribution, warehousing, shipping and procurement of products.

RJIL. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited:

RJIL. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, which is formerly known as Infotel Broadband is a broadband service provider that has acquired 4G licenses for operations across India. With more than 306 million subscribers, it operates as the sixth largest mobile operator in the world today.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited:

This company is affiliated with RIL which holds about 45.43% of RIL shares. The company is mainly active in the creation and management of industrial infrastructure. It also operates in related activities, including the provision of data processing and computer software services. This company has established oil pipelines from Bharat oil refinery in Mahul, Maharshtra to Reliance petrochemical located at Patalganga, Maharashtra.

Network 18

Network 18 is a media company with different activities in digital devices, TVs, videos and cellphone applications. The company has purchased the ETV network and has a number of joint ventures like Viacom 18 and History TV18.

Reliance Solar

Produces and sells solar energy systems to remote and rural areas of the country. The company offers a wide range of products, including solar lanterns, home lighting solutions, street lighting systems, water purification systems, refrigeration systems, and many more based on solar energy.


This company operates as a blood bank licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Ambani says:

We are working very hard to be among the best rival companies globally, in all aspects of our business.

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