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If you have a special offer or suggestion, whisper it in someone’s ear. Let him fully hear it. Radio advertisement could be very effective if you have the know-how. After having huge success in radio campaigns, we are prepared to feel and experience this success with you.

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TV Advertising

Courage, creativity, persistent relationships and experience are the main parameters that guarantee the success of a television advertising program. To provide these parameters to our clients, we have combined the competency and experience of our managers, theatre and cinema actors and artists, and the courage of our young entrepreneurs to present a unique service.

Sports advertising

Have you ever thought about displaying your advertisements by the playing field? Unique promotions that takee advantage of the excitement of the game and remain in the mind of the audience

Magazines and Newspapers

In the form of content marketing through Newspapers, monthly, weekly publications and catalogues published publicly and professionally in each industry, Sorooshsim is in quest of to increase the sales of their clients’ products.

Environmental Promotion And Advertising

In the form of one of the oldest and most established type of media, and through various media platforms, Billboards, inside the subway, buses, Smart Light boxes, straw boards, performed with the backdrop of massive media outlets, Sorooshsima has been attempting to enhance and strengthen their clients’ brands.



For expansion, promotion and survival, branding is not a laughing matter. A designer cannot do the branding. By rounding up essential expertise in marketing management and combining it with artistic talents of skilled designer, we can either make branding sound, scientific and “effective” or advise you how to do it.

Research and marketing consulting

Open ended risk is something that “Many successful people” have done. By putting together a professional marketing team and a marketing specialist, we could give you information that is exclusively yours. A great man once said, “Information is power”.

Design and Planning Campaign

Why do developed nations businesses campaigns have a lot of more effectiveness than the domestic ones? With the help of some of our expert friends in foreign companies, we found an answer for our question, “science of campaigning” is something that has been localized only at Sorooshsima by extensive studies a group of professional campaign team, and using the experiences of top of the line companies in the world and Iran and has provided it to our customers.



Designing Responsive Websites

Your website should be attractive enough to communicate with your target audience and make a sense of trust in them. Also notice that your website should be compatible with all operating systems and smart devices.



In order to attract more customers, your website should have a proper position in Google search engine. Using various types of tools and analysis, our team will quickly improve your position in search engines.

UI-UX Consult

Instead of ruining and rebuilding, you can do some reforms! In many cases you can improve UI and UX of your website by reforming it.


Social Network Management

There is a great potential for you to grow your business by using social networks. Can you manage them in an effective manner?


Generating Valuable Content

In order to gain an acceptable position in search engines, you have to publish high quality contents. This is a very important point which is most of the time neglected by the companies.


مشاوره رایگان

شما می‌توانید پیام خود را برای ما ارسال نمایید، ما سریعا پاسخ شما را خواهیم داد.