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Sorooshsima Podcast #22

Personal Branding

Hello Sorooshsima Podcast listeners. In the past podcast and articles, we have prepared some branding material for you. But these people can also have a personal brand. How is your brand?

Personal branding is the process of analyzing and building a mental image of the outside world. it is a trend used today to intelligently differentiate in a competitive market. Like the principals of product branding, person branding is also very important, and a person become a brand with his or her expertise by branding and improve his standing among friends and colleagues.

Personal branding was first introduced in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in 1937. These ideas were later published in 1981 in the Book, Positioning: A Battle for your mind by Jack Trout and Al Ries.

As we know issue of branding can affect every aspect of our lives, degrees, job titles and experience can make a person successful. In the workplace, how others think about us and our ability to think is important. The brand is collection of compliments and memories of your customers, coworkers and those around you and explains how they perceive you.

Personal branding doesn’t matter whether you own a business or not and with the advance of the digital and internet world, personal branding is important to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a specialist or a sailor, regards of your business, personal branding will introduce you to the field. Also, if you have no business and for example are an athlete or an actor, branding will help you gain more popularity.

With personal branding you will get more professional opportunists tailored to your skill set, as well as find out more about yourself, so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the latter so in time, you can gain valuable relationship with the professionals in your field.

To better understand this, it is a good idea to remind you that all the celebrities we know from the past, have become famous because of their distinguished features. For example most Iranian celebrities in the fields of math, medicine or astronomy were scientists, or in the Roman Empire celebrities were warlords, or in ancient Greece, philosophers and politicians were famous. In other words, celebrities have been owners of personal branding that because of their jobs and social standings that have attracted the attention of people.

Recently, with the emergence of social networks in the world, media accessibility and the possibility of their quantitative comparison in social networks, personal branding issue has been taken more seriously.

In today’s world, everything from shopping to influence and social relationships have moved toward digitalization, that’s why personal trademark and online is one of the most important assets of any person or business. Since today’s market has no stability and no job security, personal branding will increase you job security and allow your preferred jobs to always be available.

A professional manager focuses his or her efforts on building a strong, sustainable brand with special brand associations in interactions with the client’s personal characteristics and values.

Personal branding is defined by creating a list of key competitive competencies, abilities and the capability to perceive and recognize the environment.

If you’re looking to build your own personal brand, first and foremost, you should ask yourself, who am I, why am here?

Your answer to these questions represents the most important parts of your point of view and reference.

Whatever you write on a piece of paper, whatever could be found in your wardrobe to wear, and how you speak and your comments in the organization and even how you shake hand with others, introduce you.

Although you goal is building a personal brand, but you need to plan in a way that it is a unique brand based on your realities. Believe in yourself and don’t try to change yourself.

To begin, use these tips;

  1. Identify your goal

At the beginning, you must know exactly what you are striving for. So n personal branding, just like digital business market research, you need to set your own goals, identify potentials, and determine the best plan.


  1. Create a platform for personal branding and expand it

Personal branding like digital marketing requires the creation of a platform to work. This is the first step to personalizing your brand. You will need to design a website for personal branding. This site is your presence in the vast sea of the internet.


  1. Be active on Social Networks

Social network are the most popular part of the internet, where you face people and can tell your audience all your activities, thoughts and words. The emergency of social networks in the world and the growing popularity of these mass media in Iran has been one of the roots of the seriousness of personal branding. Social networks are also either expensive or cheap, so everyone thinks, now that he/she has a media, they can think about personal branding. On one hand, being numerical and the possibility of quantitative comparison of their position with others on social media are some of the issues that make personal branding more serious than ever.

At the end, you need to remember these points;

Be different, it has always been the difference that has led to the focus on activities. Differences in thinking, behavior and speech- and of course with ethical principles, can distinguish you in your personal branding.

  • Be reliable. Your smallest action or comment can dramatically change your personal branding. So you need to get your audience’s approval with all aspects of trust, confidence in one word.

Be patient, like any other goal, success in personal branding takes time. We recommend starting from the moment you plan to build or develop your own brand, but don’t expect to see amazing results in a short time. It is important to pursue a specific goal with the right tools and facilities, but be eager and energetic as well. Don’t be disappointed and keep trying until the moment you have reached your desired results.