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Digital Marketing

Adapt or die, yes? In the Communication era, winner is the one who uses that the most. So why you shouldn’t do anything when you can attract more customers easily and with a low cost?

Consulting & Marketing

If you want to know your general and special customers better! If you want a better planing for them, and attracting them more easily! If you want a campaign, marketing plan or strategy!
We are here for You.


If you want to catch the eyes of millions of audiences, If you want to announce your differences with the competitors to your customers, If you want to tell the customers how you make the world easier for them, Advertise with appropriate strategies, with awareness of different routes is what we will go through it together.

Are You Ready For Great Achievements?

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.    Henry Ford

Our Values in Sorooshsima Advertising Agency

Feedback monitoring

  • In Which circumstances we had the most efficiency?
  • How is our improvement process?
  • We are thinking about new project! what is our need now?
  • Our Progress has been stopped, what is wrong?

and many other questions.

The answer of all the question that our clients ask us, is depended on one issue. Monitoring and Analyzing the feedback of our acts among the audiences.

acting professional

Any person who is employed by Sorooshsima and grow in it, Must pass many filters. Human resource is of great value to us. Being very selective, we succeed in gathering a team of the most talented, well educated, Happy and creative people.

Let’s try something now, I want you rise your hand as much as you can. Now try a little more and stretch your hand a little more. See, you hit a higher point.

The highest point that you reached out was beyond imagination is our team’s capacity, we worked hard to achieve that.

customer care

We don’t seek one period collaboration. Our goal is to have a strong bond with our delighted and loyal customers. if we start a course with our customers, we try our best to make it the most attractive path for them, so that our collaboration last forever. Because of that we always consider fairness in prices and quality in services.

we have 2 constant rule in Sorooshsima:

1- customer is always right
2- If in some cases you felt that customer is not right, read rule #1 again

Our Clients


مشاوره رایگان

شما می‌توانید پیام خود را برای ما ارسال نمایید، ما سریعا پاسخ شما را خواهیم داد.